Another day

Well it is march 7 today. i did my first submission to my ei claim today that was pretty fun. hopefully they don't get mad that I put my udemy course in the course taking part of it not to sure if they see that as legit training or not. All well to late now I guess they can phone me or send me a letter about it if they want and I can clarify it then. I've been sleeping weird lately up till 5 am and up at 1 so I finally said enough of that yesterday and forced my self to sleep at 10 which only lasted till around 3am. And I was so tired by 5 today that i slept for an hour bad me. I was starting the next section of the course as well a game called laser defender.

As for the block breaker game I did add the player lives and score to the game and only made two levels so far. I've been more or less messing around with the sprites not to good at that stuff so it's taking me longer then it probably should. i did get the menu changed and the sound effects are now different. I had a slight problem when I upgrade to the newest unity the ball would just keep going if it hit a 1 hit block. I got that figured out. Now I just need to get the music changed and the backgrounds and I'm good for a new upload to the site. But after that I'm going to put that game aside for a bit to get the laser defender game done. Its a top down shooter game where ships come from the top and you shoot them before they get you. I like those types of games so it should be fun. I don't know if I should spend to much time customizing it though since I've been on the block breaker for a little over a week now longer then the course took me. I kind of want to get it all done then I can do all my changes. I'm looking forward to the plant v.s zombie clone game will give me the know how to maybe work on a rts game which I really want to do. But that might be a to big a of a project just for one coder.

And that is pretty much all the coding news I got. I've been trying to play the piano a bit as well it has been a slow process starting to get used to playing with both my right and left hand at the same time. you know I'm a geek since I played the mario bros one song first on it. And i spent some time looking at classes at nait in the morning again. I was looking at the digital media and it course kinda like the one I took 7 years ago but not. the course branches out into 9 majors and  was looking at the game programming side of it. they have information season on April 5 I think it was which I think I'm going to attended and see if I want to go back to school or not then. Either way could be nice to learn about the course and maybe meet some people that I can talk to figure out how best to go forward from there I'm sick of working in the oil fields and I like to code in my spare time. I did do computer system technology at nait already so i learned how to make databases and code business applications. I'm thinking maybe I would learn a lot faster and work harder if I was in a school environment again then after that i will try and break into the industry as either a worker for a company or start a indie group/ join one that could be fun work a part time job and make games as my second job. But for now I'm just going to keep chugging away at this udemy thing and hopefully gain some good skills for the future It's to bad there isn't much for it stuff where I live I will probably have to move back to Edmonton to get a job.