March 30 2016

well I have been taking a break on programing due to my friend having last week off so I spent time with him and other friends. but I'm back at it again I went to bed at 9pm and woke up at midnight and couldn't get back to sleep so I have spent the last 2 hours coding pretty much. I finally figured out why the enemy formation was not moving properly in my laser defender game. it was such a stupid small error really. I cut and pasted to much of my code into a different function from the start function so basically the code that was suppose to determine the bounders of the screen so the enemy formation would never go out side of the main camera was never set till a enemy was spawned in but by then the formation had already moved to far to the right and was at the edge of the screen so the code was trying to move it back to the left but then because it was to far already it would immediately call the move right command and would just get stuck there. So with that fixed everything is working properly again added sound effects with code instead of on the prefab of the object as well which may or may not be a better way of doing the sound effects. also played around with the particle system to make a star field in the background as well as added a animation for the enemies to come into the screen instead of just popping up at their positions all in all it looks pretty good. This has taken me a lot longer then expected due to simple little errors i keep making in my code the joys of coding by your self is you have no one else to look at it and go there is your problem the main thing I miss about being in school was the interaction I could have with fellow programmers maybe that is why I want to go back to school so badly.


but as for the school thing I'm not entirely sure if I would learn much more then I am already learning with this online course and what i am messing around with. So I'm kinda on the back burner for that having another diploma or degree would be nice on the wall though I will admit. but money time and my age are all factors in this. As some people think that a 40 year old should not program not that I am 40 yet but if I go to school again for 4 more years or even 2 I will be in my mid 30s. I know from what I have read and asked around is a lot of people think it shouldn't matter but the industry kinda seems to be going with that. i wouldn't mind being a indie game maker though i would most likely need a small team to do that. but as for now I'll work towards being able to make a small game for my phone eventually and see where that takes me. In the end I would love to make an rts game I have some other ideas of games I would  like to try making in the future. Really the only thing that is holding me back is my laziness and my lack of being able to make graphics for my games. That is why a simple mobile game might be my best option to get my name out there in the industry don't really need super cutting edge graphics. Some day i will need to move back to Edmonton and take part in their indie game development contests they sound pretty fun but I will need a team or be part of a team before that ever happens. Just things that I dream about if they happen is really up to my desire to make it happen. Before I got laid off i really got to comfortable just going into work and doing the job and nothing else mattered to me a very bad state to let my self get into for sure it really killed my creative side sure I was writing a lot more poetry back then but I did feel like I was being pulled down into something that I'm not sure about. But i did feel like I was just on a closed loop. So for that I'm am very grateful that I got laid off now I can at least reach out for something else other then getting up every day to go to work the same job. but on the flip side at the moment it is hard to get a job that pays even more then what my ei is paying out which really sucks being home all the time is boring. I'm not sure how people could be happy with not working at all in life and just sitting around doing nothing all day but playing games and such I guess I will get used to being home all the time sooner or later my sleeping pattern is already very messed up so it will only be a matter of time I'm sure. All well that is all for today so till next time.