March 9th 2016

Well it is currently 5am on this lovely wed. Today I finally uploaded the newest version of the block breaker game I've been working on. I finally got all the changes that i listed in my older post done to the game. So if you want to give her a try I posted it in the forums. It took me some time to get some stuff to work mainly because I upgraded to the newest version of unity3d and some of the stuff was broken so I had to fix a lot of code that worked fine before. Now for a list of things I want to try and add before I release another version of the game

-Power ups (these will spawn at random from brick when they are broken) ei. extra balls in play, a laser gun on the paddle maybe. increase paddle size, decrease paddle size...

- More levels and more levels. Not sure if I'm going to break zones into 5 or 10 levels at the moment

- a menu on the press of esq key so you can control the volume of the game and go back to the main menu

- a simple score board when you win or lose so you can compete with your old scores (will try to make it a database thing later on)

- maybe change the bricks and paddles sprites again

- set up effects for when the paddle moves to side to side maybe put a fire on the edges of the paddle to make it look like it is  using boosters to move


That should be all i need to do for the next version i have some other ideas but adding to much in one go will make me lose site of the entire project you know the saying one thing at a time. I might get some friends to make some levels for the game since i got it all coded in a easy way to make levels in the editor. I did change some extra stuff that was not listed in my last list for the game though. i added code to control the music player so when you die the music stops and added a menu song and a game song. Later on this will be used to switch songs when you get to further levels in the game like i said above maybe every 5 or 10 levels. I figure the background will be changed as well with the music.

And in other news I started the laser defense game on my course its kinda a top down shooter with enemy ships coming at you. I'm going to try and make it more like the classic top down shooters like raiden that should be fun this game I might be able to turn into a mobile game as well if I do it right. The only problem is I can't work on both games at the same time so I'll have to put the block breaker game on hold for a bit.

Other then that I have not been spending to much time on my keyboard lately I will have to change that in the future. i also really need to work on this website some more its pretty empty and doesn't look the greatest we will see if I have enough time juggling all this stuff around. I still need to find a job since i got laid off 3 weeks ago now pretty much. I have been told that they might call us all back when they get some of the pads up and going out at esso so I guess I always have that. till then I'll be spending time on making games and learning new stuff keeping my self busy so this time I have now is not wasted.  But that is all for now have a good day :)