March 2 2016

well this is the first entry in this. Its going to be more a test then anything. Well what to say well today was uneventful didn't do much I spent more time cleaning my room and setting up my fourth computer tower in my room to run as a server host for a game called ark. Might play some of that on the weekend.


My electronic keyboard finally came in the mail so i can finally start doing my piano lessons as of right now my fingers do not like to do what I'm telling them mainly the one beside my pinky it keeps trying to come down on a key with my pinky and middle finger stupid thing.  I'll see what I can do about that with more practice.

I guess another thing I got done today was getting this site back up and running. i see that the template colours seems to be kinda messed up on some areas so will have to redo that in the future. Uploaded some of my game files as well uploaded rampage pong in the forum as well as the block breaker game I've been working on for the last 4 or so days now. Its part of a class I'm taking online just did the basics through the class but now I'm adding my own stuff. Any ways that is also available in the forums to try out it is a pretty watered down game thus far have alot of things to add still. Got to change the sound effects first off the ones that the class gave us to use are not that great. so that will be on the top of my list for the next update of the game. As for rampage pong i can't find the original files for it so that game is pretty much dead. I just uploaded it to the site so i had something else up here at the moment.

Now for some stuff more for my self then the rest of you. I'm going to make a list of things i need to change on the block breaker game in the next version I make

-Change the sound effects

-re-do the main menu

-add a timer to the level code to add extra points to the player

-actually show the player their score and lives they have

-change the background images

-add some better level set ups and make more levels

-limit the max speed of the ball(when it goes to fast it goes threw the box collider on the paddle and makes the player lose a life)

that is probably all I should do for the next version. The online course was just a paddle and a ball with one life. I added the life system and score system the other day and had some problems at first since I was linking scripts to other scripts with out telling the code where to find the classes I was calling for. was kinda embarrassing  well I finally figured out why my lives counter was not getting called. I had the player score working but that was connect to a brick object and the lives lost was connect to the losscollider.  but that is it for tonight since its 2am here I should get my self to bed and stop messing around with the website. I should get some poems up on here tomorrow and maybe I'll write a new one with a picture or something later on today on here.