March 23 2016

wow it has been some time since I last wrote in here. I have been lazy the last little bit have not made to much progress on  any of my programs I've been working on. I'm still looking for work which kinda sucks but I did get my first ei pay so I'm not using up my savings any more with any luck I can find a job in the next few weeks if not then I really need to make some thing worth while that I can maybe put up for sale or something. Other then that I have enrolled in some more online classes both of which are about making 2d sprites. I'll be going through them hopefully soon so I can start to make my own sprites for my games. I think for my first game I try to do anything with will be a game I've been thinking of making for some time. It's a remake of this game I played when I was a kid called grover not sure who made the game at all since it was on a 5inch disk with the old radio shake colour 2 my dad lent to me. I still remember it well I'll talk about that more later when I have some more of the logic behind what the game will be looking like later on.

now as for my game I'm working on with my learn to program course I'm stuck at this point in it. All the circles are suppose to spawn enemies which they do but the parent being the enemy formation is moving them out side the play space so instead of the enemies moving from side to side the program get stuck in the area it should not be and just jiggles back and forth since it keeps going from move right to left and can't do anything. Not sure where I went wrong with the coding part as of yet still trying to rip it apart. I did have a different error before which I fixed but this is still happening so I'm like well then... I'll try to figure this out this game has caused me a lot of problems thus far and is slowing me down a fair bit/